Every person has a place of honesty within them, often reserved for their loved ones whom they hold dear

True honesty isn't just about being honest with one's family. Real honesty is when a person shows their integrity to every individual

Why is it that people are not honest beyond their family? Clearly, they see their own benefit in this

It's regrettable to say that humans never learn from history. People know the tales of Ravana and Rama, or Moses and Pharaoh, but they never apply these lessons in real life

Do you think Ravana is dead? While you sit thinking Ravana died when Rama defeated him, you must open your eyes and stand up because Ravana has risen again.

Ravana has risen—in the form of injustice, rapists, corrupt politicians, and those who support the rapists of a 6-year-old girl in Kashmir

The honor and reputation of India are now in your hands, the common people! I hope your vote will be to drive away Ravana this time

If only an honest person would introspect and see what kind of honesty they are upholding! If they stand with the oppressors, will they recognize their faltering steps against the truth? Time will tell, but a visionary can foresee all